Introducing: A Full Marketing System

Build your e-commerce brand, find new customers, and delight your VIPs without losing your sanity (or spending all your time on marketing).

Exceed business goals, build your brand, find new customers, and delight your VIPs with a simple, scalable marketing system that practically runs itself. Enjoy more of what you love about your business by spending less time worrying about marketing.


From content plans to templates to tools, you’ll have a DIY marketing plan in hand to start using right away!


Your goals, my expertise, one day of intense training!

No more marketing guesswork. I’ll show you the exact steps customized for your business.

Enjoy more of what you love about your business by spending less time worrying about marketing. Learn the systems that multi-billion dollar businesses use to attract new customers and build trust.

The Marketing Toolkit Intensive solves the two biggest marketing challenges — your own limited resources and marketing overwhelm— so you can focus on what really matters to you and your business. 

  • Problem 1 – Marketing can be confusing and overwhelming. What really works?
  • Problem 2 – You don’t have time to learn marketing. You have a business to run!
  • Problem 3 – Outsourcing marketing is expensive and unreliable. 
  • Problem 4 – No one knows your business as well as you.

The Marketing Toolkit Intensive cuts out the noise and defines the strategy, platforms, and tactics you need for YOUR company to thrive.

You’re here because you’re doing all the things for all the people, and it’s overwhelming.

The last two years have caused many brick-and-mortar stores to pivot to digital sales. There’s more noise and more competition, but still plenty of room for you! The key is to understand your ideal customers, anticipate their needs, show up with custom messages at the right time.

 Each customer is unique, and you need to understand them and their needs– but it’s easier said than done, Every marketing channel has a way to get captivating messages right where they need to go.

That’s where tried-and-true marketing systems make a difference! With purposeful writing and automation, you’ll be able to market your products to the customers who are most likely to buy–-which means you aren’t wasting time doing all the things for all the people.

Outsourced Marketing is a Gamble.

Marketing is too complicated to manage without some guidance. Experienced marketing specialists are expensive, and you’ll still never be able to get everything right.

We all know the consequences of marketing missteps. Lost leads, lost revenue, and poor branding are the expensive consequences of outsourcing gone wrong. If you can’t get it right yourself, how can you expect an outsider to do better?

With my one-day intensive, we’ll work together to focus on the marketing you need to grow and create systems to help you manage it –and arm you with marketing best practices to help you make great decisions based on your business goals. 

You bring your business smarts, I’ll bring my proven marketing system.

“What am I doing wrong?”

Do you find yourself second guessing your marketing decisions? You can’t afford to make the wrong ones. It’s time to invest in yourself, your products, and your business. Forget about expensive seminars or boot camps. There’s no time to waste when you’re drowning in work.

Imagine no longer have to spend hours or days looking for marketing ideas because you have all the tools you need to execute your marketing plan!

One Day One-on-One Work Session

Marketing Toolkit Intensive

A simple and scalable marketing toolkit with actionable ideas to build your e-commerce brand month after month––and give you more time back in your business.

Together, we’ll work step-by-step through planning, outlining, systemizing, and evaluating your marketing using a proven framework to build your brand––based on modern marketing best practices. After the Intensive, you’ll have operating procedures and instructions, templates, and style guides for actionable monthly marketing that will take your business to the next level.

Why Marketing Toolkit Intensive is different.

You can’t afford to make the wrong marketing decisions. With this premium service, you and I will work together to develop systems for your business. The package includes exclusive access to my services the day of your intensive––you’ll be my ONLY client for the day!

Ready To Implement in One Day

Based On 20 Years of Marketing Experience

Integrates Your Intimate Knowledge of Your Business

Completely Customized For Your Goals

No Monthly Costs

One-on-One Support

Who can benefit?

My Marketing Toolkit Intensive is perfect for business owners who understand where they want to go with their marketing but don’t have time to create a plan––and need a simplified system to tackle DIY marketing month after month.

e-Commerce Owners Looking to Grow

You’ve started your product-based business but want to take it to a new level of success.


Non-profit Leaders

You run or manage a non-profit with limited time and money for expensive marketing agencies.

Small Marketing Team Leaders

You’re a team of one looking for an outside perspective on marketing and a simple system to manage it internally.

Start-up Entreprenuers

You’re an entrepreneur with a great idea and need a complete marketing system to launch.

Clarify your goals and market with confidence.

During this one-day intensive, we’ll work together to define your business goals, clarify your branding with a mood board and templates, and create a system to batch, post, and analyze your marketing each month using my time-tested framework.

Here’s what you get:

Our time together starts with a kick-off call and “homework” for you, including some prework to help me get an idea of your business and goals. 

During the intensive, we’ll work on the following:

P – Branding guidelines, mood board and brand book for Canva, target market and social media assessment, social media platforms, content pillars, website audit 

O – 30-60-90-day marketing plan, content themes for social media, and workflows set up in ASANA, a free project management tool.  

S – Simplified automation setup for your email marketing, social media, and marketing processes; content batching strategy and blogging frameworks for fast writing.

E- Evaluation spreadsheet to track your goals and documentation for pulling your metrics.

You’ll leave with full documentation, templates, swipe files, and more in a Google Drive folder for easy access and implementation!

We’ll finish up the intensive with a summary call and a 30, 60, and 90 day check in. 


In the planning stage, we’ll define your target market, ideal social platforms, and content pillars, then develop SMART goals to help you grow in critical marketing areas: website/blogging, email marketing, social media, and branding.

During the outlining stage, we’ll map out a 30-60-90 day marketing strategy with content themes, social media batching strategy, email marketing topics, and more––based on SMART goals.

Systemizing helps you make the most of your limited time by setting up workflows, task reminders, email automation, social media scheduling, and templated copy and design to help you spend less time on logistics.

We’ll review how to evaluate your marketing by monitoring only the metrics you need to make data-driven decisions and develop easy reporting that makes sense to you!

One Day to a Complete Marketing System

In just one day, you’ll have an amazing new marketing strategy that gives you a clear path for growth and success, plus tools, templates, operating procedures, and more resources at your disposal for easy and effective marketing in less time. I promise you’ll be glad you invested in yourself and your business!



or 3 payments of $625


or two payments of $475

Special Beta Pricing


Limited Spots Available This Month

I only have two spots available before the end of the year (and when the price doubles) ! With my proven expertise, Iwill show you how to outshine your competitors and stand out from the crowd with an extraordinary marketing campaign that will inspire awe from your audience. In just one day, you’ll have an amazing new marketing strategy that gives you a clear path for growth and success. I promise you’ll be glad you invested in yourself!

I’m Amanda, and I’m celebrating 20 years as a marketing “Jill-of-all-trades.” I have worked as a team of one for nearly my entire career and developed my marketing framework thanks to years of trial and error, continuous learning, and wonderful work experiences. I have found my passion in coaching and consulting other women who are running their businesses, raising kids, taking care of parents, spending time with their spouses, and trying to maintain their sanity. I believe in marketing that’s smart, simple, and affordable. I am a Hubspot Certified Inbound Marketer, creative copywriter, and self-professed word-nerd with a BA in Journalism and MA in Communications. 


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