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A 0ne-stop marketing membership for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Marketing can often feel overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to manage a business and make your mark online. 

You deserve a program that will transform your marketing with tailored essentials, strategic planning, and a community that cheers you on, all designed for creative entrepreneurs.

It’s time for your marketing to shine – without breaking your budget. 

I’m excited to introduce The DIY Marketing Department—your new invaluable ally in navigating the complex landscape of marketing while keeping your sanity intact.

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Somebody— just tell me what to do!”

Katie is a small business owner who bakes yummy and gorgeous edible works of art in cookie form. She’s active on Instagram, but it’s taking all her time and energy – plus, she’s going down the rabbit hole comparing herself to other cookie artists!

She never had time to start an email list or improve her website – what with all the cookie designing. Business is great, but she wants to grow.

Katie has invested thousands in hiring marketing teams and consultants. One struggled to stay on brand – not that she has a real “brand” to speak of – and the second charged $1000 a month!

“I know what I want to say and I have a vision! I just don’t have time to do it myself. I just wish I could have some help that doesn’t cost a fortune. My marketing budget is stick-thin,” Katie said.

Does Katie’s story sound like yours? Are YOU Katie?

The DIY Marketing Department is Katie’s (and YOUR) new marketing holy grail.

Learn marketing foundations, get training on the latest social media changes, swipe social media, email, and blog templates, and dozens of ideas to keep you motivated – all with a healthy dose of camaraderie.


Here’s what you get!

  • DIY Marketing Academy Access
  • Binge-able Mini-Courses
  • Twice-Weekly Office Hours
  • Private Facebook Community

PLUS! Monthly Marketing Package
Receive Canva templates, social media prompts, and exclusive training to keep your marketing fresh and effective.

Why Join TDMD?

Flexible Learning at Your Fingertips

Dive into the essentials of digital marketing with courses designed for the creative entrepreneur eager to conquer their niche. Whether it’s day or night, your marketing playground is always open.

Consistency Made Easy

Forget last-minute posting panic. We’re all about strategic planning. With our guidance, marketing becomes a smooth sail, not a frantic race.

Exclusive Office Hours

Stuck on a strategy? Need a brainstorming buddy? Our office hours bring clarity and confidence back to your marketing endeavors.

Monthly Goodies Galore

Think of us as your marketing Santa—delivering social media schedules and email marketing genius to your inbox, every month.

A Community That Cares

Network, grow, and share with entrepreneurs who get it. Our community is your endless source of support, advice, and business brunch banter.

Top-Quality Education on a Budget

Learn the secrets behind successful marketing campaigns without breaking the bank. Quality and affordability go hand-in-hand here.

Bountiful Bonuses

Stay tuned for surprise courses and exclusive resources, adding that extra spark to your marketing mastery.

Feel the Warm Fuzzies

Join a space where dreams are taken seriously, and your goals are within reach. Be bold, be persistent, and always be kind—to yourself and others.

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