The Secret Sauce for Your eCommerce Marketing (And it doesn’t cost a cent!)


Does digital marketing make your head spin? These DIY tutorials, workbooks,  and printables are created with the small business owner and soloprenuer in mind. Download these free resources and get started today!

How do I set goals for my online business?  

Before throwing yourself full force into the trendiest marketing platforms, you need to know how YOU define success for your online shop. My goal-setting guide and worksheet will walk you through setting SMART goals so you can decide what types of marketing are right for your business. 

How do I build a quiz to grow my online business?

So, you’re wondering “How do I make a quiz for my website?” The hardest part is getting started. Once you have your idea and your data, creating a quiz isn’t tricky unless you need to put together an entire platform from scratch (not necessary, friend!) Start attracting more leads with quizzes and calculators in no time!

Free Marketing Assessment 

If you’re marketing your business without a plan, you may be spending valuable time on the wrong things. Take my free marketing assessment and discover my top three recommendations for YOUR business based on  your preferences and current marketing. Plus, you’ll get actionable steps for each tactic to implement today!

5 Must-Have Tools for DIY Marketing

You don’t have to do it alone! These are my five can’t-live-without tools that help me manage my DIY marketing.



Content Creation Templates

Streamline your social media planning and excecute campaigns like you’re a team of many (even if you’re a team of one!) Download includes three templates: Content Planning Sheet, Content Writing Template, and Analytics Template.

Auto-Magic Marketing System

Learn the three-step system to streamline your marketing and get results with less hassle! It’s not magic, it’s automation!