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Learn more about my done-for-you and done-with-you marketing services or my suite of DIY marketing courses by clicking on the photos below. Or, keep scrolling to learn more!

Done For You Marketing

Quantum leap your marketing results with my Marketing Momentum Program! 

A comprehensive marketing audit and marketing system implementation to help your marketing run on autopilot!

I designed this program to let you focus on the parts of your business-critical to growth while I implement a full-scale, professional marketing system based on your goals.  The MMP is like hiring a marketing team to start your marketing department at a fraction of the cost (without the complexities of hiring another employee!)


Done With You Social Media

Effortlessly Market Your Business with my Done With You Social Media Writing Service!

My Social Hive Society social media content subscription package is perfect for women business owners who want a foolproof and effective way of driving traffic to their website and blog, growing social media, and spending less time online.

With twelve fully customizable posts and eye-catching Canva images, we’ll keep you active and updated with the latest news and trends on social media. No need to stress about what to post – we’ve got you covered! Your followers will love your engaging content and return for more, boosting your online presence and helping you stand out.

DIY Marketing Academy Courses

Monthly membership with 1-1 consulting, group coaching, training, templates & more.

Running a small business can feel like an all-consuming job. From the moment you open your doors until the moment you’re ready to close them for the day, there’s always something to take up your time–and they are typically all more urgent than marketing. Plus, how do you know where to start learning the ropes of marketing? Though the internet has given us access to tons of information, it’s also led to a lot of confusion and paralysis when it comes to marketing. There are so many conflicting opinions, “experts,” and strategies that small business owners end up feeling like they’re on their own.

DIY Marketing Academy is the training program that fixes these problems for you. You can learn everything from how to create stellar marketing campaigns and lead generation tactics with just DIY Digital at your side. Save yourself time and money while collaborating with other entreprenuers in the same role. There’s nothing quite like the “hive mind” to solve marketing problems!

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