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Hi, I’m Amanda


Thanks for stopping by my small business built for small businesses! I’m a marketing strategist with more than 20 years of experience in several many industries, from biotechnology to boutiques–but a deep passion for helping small start-ups and women-owned eCommerce businesses simplify their marketing, build trust, and grow! 

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The Honeycomb Marketing Co. Story

After 20 years of corporate communications and marketing, 10 years of planning, and a global pandemic, my dream came alive

ad One of my favorite stories about college is about what could have been. I dreamed of being a teacher as long as I could remember, and started my college career in a plethora of elementary education classes, including a class that included a day with actual students.  As I sat in the middle of first grade chaos, I realized right then and there that teaching wasn’t for me. 

I’ve never walked faster than I did to change my major.

This was one of the many pivots my career has taken over the years. For someone who had a solid plan for waht she wanted to do for the rest of her working life at 18, the years after that have been far from consistent!

I graduated with a degree in Journalism and continued my education with a Master’s in Communications, and  then worked as an advertising sales rep, an agency marketing coordinator, a digital ccommunications specialist in the healthcare field, an agency project manager, an eCommerce marketing manager for a nutritional brand, and a marketing manager for a biotechnology company.

These roles had one thing in common: my passion for writing words that matter was at the core. 


In August 2017, I lost my mother to cancer, and started Honeycomb Social, my first company focusing soely on social media, on the day she left us. I wanted my business to be an extension of her legacy: sweet words and kindness in every situation. I had the honor of supporting some incredible women-owned businesses with social media marketing during my first few years of working Honeycomb as a side business. 

The months following January 2020, everything change –again. A few of the small businesses on my client list were forced to stop marketing all together during mandated shutdowns. I started WFH in my full time job, and the workload swelled.

I placed Honeycomb on a sweet, sticky backburner.

In February 2021, I began to feel the pull to reignite my passion for small businesses in a larger capacity. Two months later, I took a leap of faith, quit my corporate job, and built Honeycomb Marketing Co. from the ground up.

I’m passionate about helping entreprenuially minded women create marketing systems in a simple, straightforward way. I don’t believe agency markups and complicated tools should be a barrier to growing your business. 

It’s all about the sweet words.


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These are a few of my favorite things!

Travel Junkie

My family and I are so thankful to live in beautiful, sunny Florida and have access to beaches, theme parks (more on that later), cruise ports, and lots of airports with cheap flights. But our ultimate goal? Traveling the country in an RV!

Iced Coffee Fiend

I can’t tell you why my fellow iced coffee addicts and I swirl our beverage around constantly while we’re drinking it, but I can tell you iced coffee is my go-to emotional support beverage and dopamine hit. I’ve never met one I didn’t love!

Disney Obsessed

Disney has been a part of my life since i was a child–some of my best memories with my mom, dad, and sister took place on Disney vacations. But it doesn’t stop there: I big puffy heart Disney movies, Cruises, Merch, Theme Parks, Corporate masters, take my money!


Crafting is my happy place. Whether I’m sewing doll clothes (and people clothes), cutting vinyl on my Cricut, or completing some unreasonably time consuming craft that I will surely regret, my down time is filled with creating and making.