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How To Grow Your Business with Quizzes

How to Grow Your Business with Quizzes

This book is for anyone who’s been tempted by “can you pass this FRIENDS superfan quiz?”, “What does your favorite cheese say about you?” or “Name your favorite song, and we’ll tell you which Disney movie you love.” Brands and businesses have used quizzes for a decade to grab your attention and your email address. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t taken a quiz (yes, this includes the Facebook quizzes we love to hate.)

A quiz or calculator can be a great way to grab attention, but they’re complex –not because it’s difficult, but because it takes planning and time.

So, you’re wondering “How do I make a quiz for my website?” The hardest part is getting started. Once you have your idea and your data, creating a quiz isn’t tricky unless you need to put together an entire platform from scratch (not necessary, friend!)

I love using quizzes to help my clients double their email lists and spark more engagement–and in this eBook, you’ll learn the secrets to get over that initial hump and start attracting more leads with quizzes and calculators in no time!