4 Reasons You Should Try DIY Marketing for Small Business

Not long ago, a client told me how much they paid a marketing agency to plan their marketing and run Facebook ads. She runs a small product-based business, and while her business is booming, ongoing pricy marketing support just wasn’t in the cards. Plus, she didn’t feel like they moved the needle for her business. She wanted DIY marketing for her small business but felt overwhelmed. 

“I know what I want to do…I just need help doing it!”

That is the core mantra for DIY marketing. Many business owners enjoy marketing to some extent, but with so much noise in the form of “must-read advice” or shiny new platforms, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. And when we get overwhelmed, we shut down!

Many business owners move from “marketing might be fun!” to “I can’t do this. Help!”

Here’s the truth: DIY marketing for small businesses is much simpler than most people think. Fundamentally, marketing success is consistent branding and authentic communication. Everything else is a bonus, and there are so many great reasons to bring marketing back into your own business with DIY marketing.

You Know Your Business Best

You live and breathe your business, and no one is better equipped to understand your business goals, mission, and values. Although marketing agencies have effective processes for planning, defining your perfect customer, and writing killer content, they need a knowledge transfer from you before they hit the mark. Instead, DIY marketing lets you write using your authentic voice, so your content reflects precisely what you want. Use tools or marketing coaching groups to help you polish your content.

You Save Money

In a small business, every penny counts. Cost savings is one of the best reasons for DIY marketing for small businesses. The key to successful DIY marketing is investing in the right tools to streamline your processes and work more efficiently. Tools supercharge your plan. You can find hundreds of free or low-cost marketing tools, including AI writing, blog topic creation, social media scheduling, email marketing, and more.

You Learn New Skills

We’re not all born marketers – in fact, many business owners couldn’t care less about learning new aspects of marketing. But if you’re a hands-on kind of person like me, you love to learn. I like to say I’m a “Jill of all trades,” mainly because I know a bit about many things! DIY Marketing lets you familiarize yourself with crucial marketing terms and best practices, which helps you manage your own marketing and speak the language if you work with marketing agencies.

You Have Control

One of the biggest headaches of working with an outside agency is waiting. You have to wait your turn because you’re one of many clients. For the most part, this isn’t a problem–you have other things to work on in your business to pass the time. But what if you have an urgent request? What if something is broken in your workflow, or a post doesn’t appear in your social feed? With DIY marketing, you can quickly fix these mistakes without waiting for a third party to take care of them for you.

Before you set out on the journey of DIY marketing for small businesses, build your tribe. When you know where to find the answers to small questions and a solid plan, you’ll be set up for success!


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