Do’s and Don’ts of Fourth of July Social Posts

Hot dogs are on sale, fireworks booths are peppering parking lots across the nation, and corporate America is looking longingly at the calendar in anticipation of a day off: that can only mean one thing — Independence Day is almost here. If you’re working your business, you’re liking browing for fourth of july social post ideas, and that’s a good thing: it means you’re being intentional in your business.

Here’s the thing:  hundreds of thousands of others are also posting their fourth of july social post ideas, too. It’s easy for your post to get lost in the chaos of brand posts and shares from friends and family. Here are some do’s and don’ts for your July Fourth social posts to help you stand out in the crowd and celebrate this uniquely USA holiday.

Fourth of July Social Post Ideas

  • Do put thought into your post. Make it a reflection of you and your brand.
  • Do keep your post subtle. I call it the “essense of holiday”, with just enough red, white, and blue to let your customers know it is, indeed, a July 4th post, but not so much that it fades into the background of all the other flag pictures on Facebook. Here are a few for inspiration from top brands.
  • Do share products you use during Fourth of July celebrations. For instance, if you’re a direct seller for a cooking company, share a demo for a festive food using your product. It isn’t a sales post, but what I call a “positioning post”.
  • Do engage with your customers! Post a poll or quiz about their own activities, ask them to choose their choice two of your favorite foods, post trivia about the holiday, or create your own meme.
  • Don’t post your own videos from a fireworks display. Seriously, nobody wants to see those. They don’t photograph or video well, and if they wanted to see fireworks, they already saw them.
  • Don’t share generic “Happy July 4th!”clip art, stock pictures of flags and fireworks, or branded posts from your company.
  • Don’t post a spur of the moment image just to say you posted on July 4th. Last minute posts usually feel rushed, and in addition, it takes you out of your own celebrations. Plan ahead and be present.
  • Don’t make your Fourth of July social post about sales. Although many brands have amazing holiday specials — including yours —  your customers are probably not pulling out their wallets on July 4th. Post sales before the holiday or save them till the weekend after.

With these do’s and don’ts, you’ll have the tools to celebrate the holiday with your customers while enjoying time with your loved ones.


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  1. Aubree Carter

    Great Do’s and Dont’s ! I’ll be sharing this with some business owners in my area so they get the memo.


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