Giving Tuesday 2023: Max’s Memory and Mission

A few weeks ago, my family and I were enjoying breakfast at Golden Corral (I know………), and my husband got a call from his principal, which is unusual for a Saturday. He left to take the call and, when he came back, shared the most heartbreaking news: one of his sweet students, Max Robinson, had passed away unexpectedly the night before.
It’s never easy when someone leaves us. It’s painful when that person is a child. It’s profoundly heartbreaking when a child passes unexpectedly. He left a mother who loved him fiercely with every fiber of her being, stunned classmates who loved him, a desk full of books, pencils, notes, a basketball jersey without an athlete, and an empty chair at the dinner table.
I’ve spent nearly 2023 trying to figure out why bad things happen. It’s been continuous heartbreak with no explanation and seemingly no purpose. As a person who needs a reason, this year has been challenging.
Clarity crystallizes in the most unusual places sometimes. I’ve come to understand that the only way we can make sense of tragedy is to do everything we can to honor those we’ve lost.
And that’s what I’m doing for Max this Giving Tuesday.
His wonderful mama, Melissa, shared this: “By age 11, Max had already expressed an interest in becoming a Pastor. He was excited about his faith and wanted others to experience God. But, Pastoring is more than preaching. It’s loving your flock. Max was equipped and excited to do both. He knew so many loving (and funny!) Pastors. It’s no wonder he wanted to follow in their footsteps. He told them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.
#MaxAlways wanted to help others learn about Jesus. He had the courage to speak God’s truth, without compromise. He had the courage to speak God’s truth in the face of strong opposition (and prayed for those by name who didn’t believe). He didn’t care if God’s truth was unpopular. He had the courage to speak God’s truth in love.
He dreamed of going to Kenya, and always responded to our stories about the children who found joy in all circumstances. I reflect on what Max taught me about God, this world.”

I’m dedicating Giving Tuesday (and a few extra days) with Honeycomb Marketing Co. to honor Max’s memory and mission this year. Max’s unwavering commitment to creating a meaningful difference in the world shines through his active participation in Shoes for Schools, a heartwarming initiative led by Global Missions 365.

My digital DIY Marketing tutorials, templates, and training collection are on sale, 30% to 50% off, and 100% of net sales will go directly to Soles for Souls, Max’s Help-a-Child Fund.

These resources are aimed at helping small business owners, and solopreneurs create compelling, engaging content that will build trust and boost your bottom line – without spending a fortune outsourcing your marketing. Help your business while you help kids be kids, and help Max spread light and love all over the globe.

Courses and training include:

I invite you to witness the powerful video below, a touching testament to Max’s unwavering dedication and enduring quest for impact.

I’m so thankful to offer the opportunity to contribute and carry Max’s compassionate legacy forward. As business owners, we are honored to cross paths with people every day. Some you’ll build relationships with some you’ll never see again, but you’ll have the opportunity to influence their lives either way. Don’t ever forget the light you bring to this world! I hope my resources will help you do just that.


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