Barbie Movie Marketing Magic for Your Business

Barbara Milicent Roberts. Barbie, for short. Teacher. Movie star, Astronaut. Farmer. Gymnast. President. Beach babe. Entrepreneur. 

If you’re a person of a certain age (I.e., a crusty, dusty, musty elder millennial), you probably remember the commercial jingle that went a little like, “We girls can do anything. Right, Barbie?” It’s burned in my brain for the rest of eternity. 

I was Barbie obsessed for many years, as was my oldest daughter. Barbie is the generation-spanning trendsetter who filled up hundreds of hours of imaginative fun on slow summer days, and she’s coming back to the big screen with the same feminine mystique she’s had for decades–and this time, she’s bringing some incredible marketing tips you can steal for your own business.  

Whether you’re a small business owner looking for fresh and innovative ways to advertise, or just a fan of the iconic doll, you’ll find something to take away from the Barbie movie marketing. 

Who knows? You just might  boost your sales with the help of a famous blonde bombshell. Now that’s something worth talking about!

Teaser Content

The Barbie movie marketing is giving us all the childhood nostalgia feels with its masterful marketing plan. Directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie as Barbie, the Barbie movie marketing team has been dropping little teasers here and there, just enough to keep us on our toes. But let’s take a moment to talk about what we’re all really excited about – Ryan Gosling. Seeing him looking like a plastic doll is giving us major 2010 vibes, and I’m absolutely here for it.

Steal the Look: Remember that marketing is more about planting the seeds of interest and trust than it is about a quick sale. Be consistent and stay on brand, and share a little info at a time. Tell a story in small bites. Reward your customers’ curiosity with teasers, exclusive content, and catchy language.

Mystery Plot

They’ve created a sense of mystery around the movie by not giving everything away at once. Curiosity sells. They’ve hooked us all by creating mystery around the film. We know it’s coming but don’t know exactly what to expect. It’s like figuring out what’s in the wrapped present that your mom has been hiding from you for weeks. And let’s be honest, we all love a good mystery. It’s what keeps us guessing and coming back for more. The folks behind the Barbie movie marketing really know how to play on our curiosity and leave us begging for more.

Steal the Look: Never let them know your next move, especially if it’s an exciting new product or service! Use social media and email marketing to drop hints. For instance, email clues or preview images.

AI-Inspired Selfie Generator

There’s nothing like the fear of missing out to inspire people to jump into a trend, and the genius marketers at the Barbie movie took that to heart with the AI selfie app that lets you turn yourself into a Barbie character. When it launched in April, it quickly went viral, with everyone wanting to see themselves as a member of the cast with the iconic Barbie font and Mattel starburst. The app made drab moms like me feel fabulous.

Steal the Look: As a business owner, you can take advantage of this trend by encouraging your customers to share photos of themselves using your products with a catchy hashtag. Or, you could start a new trend on TikTok by challenging users to create their own Barbie transformation videos. The possibilities are endless, and this fun and engaging marketing strategy will get people talking about your brand.

Strategic Collaborations

The Barbie team has partnered with other brands for joint ventures and co-marketing opportunities. Nothing Barbie does is basic, and neither are the movie’s partnerships. Food, clothing, home decor from brands like the Gap, Cold Stone and Pinkberry (obviously), Rugable, Crocs, and 35 or so more companies are embracing “Barbiecore”– the bubblegum pink aesthetic that’s classic Barbie.

Barbie bras and undies? MUndies has your back. 

Burger King burger with pink mayo? Sure, if that’s your thing. 

Chi hot tools? Naturally, so your hair will be as nice as Barbie’s.

Pink Crocs? Well, who wouldn’t?

Steal the Look: Partnerships can expand your customers to an entirely new market and bring in some buzz for your company. Look for companies that can complement your products or services and offer their audience exclusive or limited-time pairings. Partnering with organizations, local schools, and even your own customers on a referral basis can be a win-win for everyone involved.

All in all, Barbie has made her stamp on the marketing world, proving to be more than just an iconic child’s toy and hyped-up Hollywood movie.. You can make use of this classic character by tapping into a new way of marketing through our modern-day social media channels. Remember, sometimes the most out-there ideas are the ones that bring success. Finish off with a splash of color and unique content for extra charm! Ready to start creating? Integrate Barbie’s magic into your own social strategy with my 12 social media Prompts guide!

And don’t forget: If you want something done right – do it yourself. Right Barbie?


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